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Welcome to the world of MUSIC!!!

Let me start by saying: WELCOME ARTIST!

Because, yes, YOU ARE AN ARTIST!

Because you create art.

As Seth Godin says in Linchpin: are you indispensable?:

Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. ... Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.

Art doesn't have a rulebook. There is also no roadmap.


It's in every cook who creates a meal.

It's in every nurse who personalises the care of his or her patients.
It's in each employee who fills in his job description as creatively as he/she sees fit.
It 's in each one of us who create our life so that it aligns with what we love, want and need.
It's in each accountant, who advises each client on the best solution.
It's in each scientist who pursues that tiny area that excites them.It's in each father/mother who brings up his/her children in his/her unique way.

ART is about the HOW you do things,
not so much WHAT you do.


Since you're here about MUSIC, this course is about showing you that MUSIC is always everywhere.

The first class is all about SOUND.

Because, music at its basis, is sound. Music and sound need to be listened to.

There is of course listening and listening.

When was the last time you really listened? Not only to someone talking to you or your child telling you about his day. But also to the birds in the forest, to the noise of traffic, to your own thoughts.


Whenever we really listen, different feelings, emotions and images come up. The sound, or music, or story you hear takes you somewhere, a different universe, a past holiday, a moment in time when you heard this song and it meant something (good or bad).

This online course consists of multiple video lessons, handouts, tips, tricks, links and more

What do I get in this course?

  • Relaxation/Resetting: Sitting still and actively listening to sounds around you gets you in tune with their wavelength.
    It puts your mind at ease and you will start to relax. You will be able to use sound to reset your system and listen to yourself more actively
  • Awareness: Listening to sound will make you become more aware of your surroundings but also create an awareness of your emotional state, your monkey brain chattering away preventing you to do the exercise. Only when you are aware of things can you change them or improve them. And that’s a good start for anything.
  • Creative tools and practical exercises: We will give you several tools and exercises:
    • SILENCE: Let’s start with silence: the fullness of silence, finding yourself in it and how it provides answers.
    • MIND MAP sounds: create awareness of your surrounding
      s and state of mind, untangle the mess and categorize it into a comprehensible map.
    • VISUAL listening: how sounds create images and a story and can boost your imagination.
    • CREATIVE LISTENING: how to listen to generate ideas for you project or problem. You might not solve it but you will definitely get a different perspective and that’s a great way to jump start you when you are stuck.

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About Miranda

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As a skilled life coach (Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M), she uses breakthrough techniques, practical tools, and creative systems to allow people to immediately start creating (their lives, their art, their work…) and see results.

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